What Does Capilia Longa™ Offer For Better Hair Health?

Medically reviewedby Edna Skopljak M.D.
WrittenbyLiza Schermann
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There is a surging trend of including natural sources in hair care products with multiple reasons banking for such choices.

Besides the contribution to the sustainable development goals, another benefit of switching to nature-derived products is that they often offer multi-benefits for the whole body. Because natural ingredients are much more complex in structure than synthetically produced compounds, one ingredient can embody diverse characteristics and deliver different gains. If you happen to have an allergy or unexpected reaction to a natural product, a more simple ingredients list makes it easier to pinpoint, understand, and work around the problem.

This blog will provide you with further information about Curcuma longa and the Capilia Longa™ ingredient in our nature-derived formula to unravel how our hair care products could work towards solving your hair issues.



Curcuma longa has a rich history of culinary and medicinal use, including its applications in hair care. It is known to moisturize hair, stimulate hair growth, and treat various scalp conditions, such as dandruff, inflammation, and hair loss.

Capilia Longa™, a derivative from Curcuma Longa, represents a novel approach to hair care. It is rich in signaling peptides that create an optimal environment for hair growth and help reset the hair bulb and hair follicle, promoting hair regeneration.

Capilia Longa™ also enhances blood circulation in the scalp, preventing hair loss by improving nutrient delivery to hair cells and strengthening hair follicles. By stimulating the production and proliferation of dermal papilla cells, Capilia Longa™ contributes to a healthier scalp and hair, addressing issues like hair loss and dandruff.


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What is Curcuma longa?

Curcuma longa, better known as turmeric, belongs to the Zingiberaceae/ ginger family. This plant is widely grown in southern and southwestern tropical Asia regions. The word "turmeric" derives from the Middle English "tarmaret" or "turmeryte”, which means “deserving earth”.

Curcuma longa is characterized by the existence of very ramified, cylindrical, and orange rhizomes. These rhizomes are modified roots that act as storage and resistance organs. They grow endlessly and have excellent regenerative properties.

It has a vital role in the cuisines of Iran, Malesia, India, China, Polynesia, and Thailand as a dietary spice. The effects of turmeric on health generally stem from an orange-yellow coloured, lipophilic polyphenol substance called curcumin, acquired from the rhizomes of the herb. Curcumin is a natural product with a polyphenolic structure (multiple organic ring systems), which can be used in therapeutic remedies alone or combined with other natural substances.

The benefits of Curcuma longa

Curcuma longa is best known for its culinary and medicinal purposes, having been used in Asia for medicine since at least 1900 B.C. Also, this herb can be used in soaps, skincare, and hair care. Indeed, your hair can substantially benefit from this plant as it can conveniently moisturise the hair while promoting new hair growth.

Curcuma longa has been reported to aid in treating dandruff, increase circulation in the scalp and support in preventing hair loss. It can work to treat many scalp conditions like itchiness, flaking, inflammation, and even alopecia.

Being one of the most active constituents of turmeric, curcumin has a wide variety of pharmacological assistance to hair growth. In detail, curcumin can affect molecular targets to improve health via a wide range of mechanisms. It impacts the expression and activity of many enzymes, such as cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase. In addition, this natural compound can modulate transcription factors, growth factors, growth factor receptors, and their associated signalling pathways, for example, the epidermal growth factor receptor and fibroblast growth factor.

Another way curcumin can boost your hair wellness is by influencing cytokine expression and activity and somewhat altering cell proliferation by regulating cyclin protein actions. Furthermore, it has antioxidant properties that help prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals.

Curcuma longa and Capilia Longa™

Capilia Longa™ represents a new activity profile for Curcuma longa, claiming the Phyto(plant)-Peptidic Fractions as a new range of bioactive species (Curcumin is only the 2-5% of turmeric powder). The ingredient is a concentrate of the cells from the turmeric rhizome (root). This concentrate is rich in signalling peptides which create the optimal micro-environment to reactivate hair growth, achieving an epigenetic reset of the hair bulb and hair follicle regeneration. Furthermore, Capilia Longa increases blood circulation in the scalp and thus prevents hair loss by improving nutrition delivery to the hair cells. The advanced Capilia Longa formula helps strengthen hair follicles, stimulate healthier and stronger hair growth, and extend the life of the hair fibres.

Capilia Longa™ also acts as a Hair 3D Bio-Printer, resetting and guiding the hair follicle growth with bio-software, the Phyto-Peptidic Fractions, and nourishing the hair follicle with an innovative nutritive blended Bio-Ink.

On top of these benefits, we include Capilia Longa™ as one of the main ingredients in our hair care products as an effective way to stimulate the production and proliferation (development) of dermal papilla cells by IGF-1 (a growth factor). Dermal papilla cells are needed for a healthy scalp and hair and their damage is often related to hair loss and dandruff.

Curcuma longa is another name for turmeric, a plant widely grown in southern and southwestern tropical Asia regions. One of its most active constituents is curcumin, an orange-yellow coloured, lipophilic polyphenol substance. The most popular use of Curcuma longa is for culinary and medicinal purposes. Furthermore, new research insights show evidence of its benefits for hair health.

Curcuma longa supports hair moisturization and growth. It can be a powerful remedy for many scalp issues, such as itchiness, flaking, inflammation, and even alopecia. The health effects of Curcuma longa come from its impact on the expression and activity of a variety of enzymes and cytokines, modulation of growth factors, and its antioxidant properties.

Capilia Longa™ is a concentrate of Curcuma longa root cells. This ingredient works as a supporter of your scalp and hair follicles to strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth, extend the life of the hair fibres and support the treatment of hair loss.


The information we provide is not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease or condition. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult your doctor.


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