Is your hair thinning reversible, too?

  • Results like these aren’t just for other women
  • Find out how to extend the life of your locks. (Hint: it has to do with your hair’s “biological clock, and we’re not just talking hormones!)
  • Learn what results are achievable in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, with clinically tested results in just 5 months.

When your hair is noticeably falling…

You spend too much time covering thin areas, feeling self-conscious, and worrying about the strands in your hairbrush and drain.

Whether your hair thinning has been gradual with age or sudden (after pregnancy, for example), you just want to know when it will stop.

“Will the shedding slow down? Can it be reversed? How much hair can I hope to keep?”

The answers depend on what you do when you notice hair thinning.

Your hair growth “clock” is set by this cycle

Hair shedding can feel unpredictable. There are multiple possible causes (stress, hormones, diet, aging, hair care). But no matter what triggered your hair thinning, at the root, it’s always about your hair growth cycle.

You see, each hair follicle goes through a growth phase that lasts 1-6 years. When that phase ends, your follicle shrinks, rests, and sheds the hair. 

Your hair follicles can repeat the cycle 20-25 times before they shut down growth.

This cycle sets the “biological clock” for your hair. The length of your growth phase determines how long your hair will stay full.
Length of Growth Phase
Estimated Age Follicle Stops Producing*
1 year
2 year
3 year
4 year
*Based on 22 growth phases (average)

Genetics may set your “clock,” but hormones can accelerate hair thinning

Whether you’re genetically blessed with a long growth phase or challenged with a short growth phase…

Female hair growth can change over a lifetime.

That’s because estrogen helps to extend the hair growth phase. When estrogen is high, your hair grows faster, longer, and stays fuller.

When estrogen levels drop, your hair growth phase can suddenly shorten. The first thing you’ll notice is rapid hair shedding.

But hormones are just one influence on your hair growth. 

Health, lifestyle, stress, medications and even seasonal changes affect your growth cycle, too.

The solution is always the same: extend the growth phase to help reduce hair thinning and help maintain strong and vital hair.


Yes, you can extend your hair growth phase

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or above. Your hair growth phase can be extended.  

Even extending your growth phase by 6 months can make a noticeable difference in your hair volume, length and quality. 

Better still, you don’t have to settle for drug-based hair growth formulas. (With side effects that can outweigh the benefits of hair growth!) 

Advances in stem cell technology have made it possible to extend your growth phase with potent plant-based formulas that have minimal (if any) side effects.

Start Extending Your Growth Cycle

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Early signs of hair thinning? That’s actually good news

Most women notice shedding as soon as it starts. That’s your cue to start stimulating your hair follicles with Bio-Pilixin®. In the early stages of hair shedding loss, your follicles can start growing new hair, faster, with help from Bio-Pilixin®. That’s why the earlier you start, the better results you can achieve.
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How soon can you expect results?

Using Bio-Pilixin® daily can pay off in less than two months

Instead of stressing about the number of hairs in your shower drain, you could be taking steps to stop the shedding. Get in the Scandinavian Biolabs routine, and before you know it, you could be enjoying the “after” version of your denser, healthier, more resilient hair.  

"The Bio-Pilixin formula, among other carefully chosen ingredients, contains niacinamide, which has proven benefits for hair health. It improves blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle."
Edna Skopljak - Medical Doctor