5 Common Early Signs You May Become Bald In Your Forties

Medically reviewedby Edna Skopljak M.D.
WrittenbyLiza Schermann
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It is well known that hair loss is a complicated issue with diverse root causes, patterns and manifestations. Meanwhile, treating the problem as early as possible has been popular advice for people facing hair loss.

Indeed, there are some clear signs that could signify the threat of balding. Thus, in this blog, we’ll share with you the five common signs that people often see before turning bald (or experiencing severe hair loss) a few years later.



Natural hair shedding is normal (50-100 strands a day), but if you notice excessive hair in the shower or on the floor, consider hair loss treatments.

Thinning hair due to male pattern baldness can expose your scalp, particularly at the crown or sides. Treatments can increase hair density and thickness.

A receding hairline, especially on the upper sides, is a common indicator of male pattern baldness, which progresses slowly.

Bald patches can appear on the crown, sides, or back of the head, possibly due to alopecia areata or stress. These can be temporary.

Male pattern baldness may slow hair regrowth and lead to thinner hair due to weakened hair follicles.

Early intervention with natural hair growth treatments can help mitigate or partially reverse hair loss without harmful side effects. Explore these solutions for effective results.


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🛑 Sign #1: Your hair is falling out

It might sound obvious, but excessive hair shedding is a common sign of hair loss.

Now, let’s be clear: it’s perfectly normal to lose a certain amount of hair. According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, the average person loses between 50 and 100 hair strands a day due to natural hair shedding.

Because some degree of hair shedding is natural, you shouldn’t be worried if you can find a few hairs on your hairbrush or pillowcase.

With that said, if you can see a lot of hair stuck in the shower drain or on the floor in your house, you may want to consider looking into some hair loss treatments, as it’s often an early sign of alopecia (the scientific term for hair loss).


🛑 Sign #2: Your scalp is clearly visible

When we are young, we usually have dense, thick hair that rarely - if ever - exposes our scalp. That’s why most men don’t have to worry about their hair in their teenage years.

But over time, our hair becomes much, much thinner due to natural male pattern baldness, meaning that our scalp may become clearly visible when our hair is wet, styled, or simply exposed due to bright light. In fact, research suggests that our hair starts to get thinner in our mid-twenties, for the vast majority of men.

Since hairs are thinner, the scalp becomes more visible, even if our hairline hasn’t changed much.

This form of hair loss can usually be seen at the crown (the area right at the top of our head) or on the side part. When you look at these areas in the mirror, you might notice that your skin is becoming more visible, especially under a bright light.

This type of hair loss is very common and is one of the main symptoms of male pattern baldness. Since it’s usually associated with early-stage hair loss, hair thinning is not irreversible. There are several treatments we can use to increase both hair density and thickness, as we’ll discuss later.

🛑 Sign #3: Your hairline is receding

Another common and well-known sign of male pattern baldness is a receding hairline. You might notice that your hairline is starting to recede when trying hairstyles that expose your forehead, especially on the upper right and left sides.

This sign of hair loss is often overlooked by many men, either because they don’t notice the development of this pattern (which usually happens slowly), or because this experience is too unpleasant to accept.

Over time, this hair loss pattern gets more pronounced until your hairline is lower in the center than it is on the sides. Over a third of men over 40 have this type of hairline.


🛑 Sign #4: You start to see random bald spots

Male pattern baldness can cause a bald patch to develop on your crown - the area at the top of your head.

But it’s also fairly common to see random bald spots anywhere on the scalp, including on the sides, or at the back of the head.

Common causes of bald patches include alopecia areata (a type of autoimmune hair loss that causes hair to fall out in oval-shaped bald patches) and excessive stress (as stress has been directly linked to early hair loss in clinical studies).

Fortunately, these forms of hair loss are often temporary, which means that your hair can eventually grow back in these bald spots.

🛑 Sign #5: Your hair takes longer to grow

Our hair grows around six inches a year on average, or an inch of new hair every two months or so.

Since male pattern baldness can decrease our hair count (the density of hair in any area), you may start to notice that hairs take longer to grow back at their previous size, especially after a haircut.

It’s also very common to notice that hair doesn't seem to grow as thick as it used to be - which is due to a weakening of our hair follicles over time.

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Bottom line

If you notice one or more of these five hair loss signs on your scalp, it might suggest that you are prone to male pattern baldness.

But again, unless you’re already nearly bald, there are many proven ways to mitigate or even “reverse” hair loss, up to a certain degree, of course.

One of the effective ways to stop hair loss in its tracks is to use a natural hair growth treatment, to regrow new hair naturally without having to deal with the harmful side effects of common hair loss drugs.

As you may have known, we offer a unique hair growth formula based on all-natural ingredients. Many people have approved the results they gain: visibly less hair loss without causing any harmful side effects, and eventually new hair growth. You can check out our Hair Activation Routines or if you're interested, let's discover the science behind our hair solutions HERE.